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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Populate "All Caption" property of Analysis Services 2000 Dimension using DSO

This post is an answer to my earlier post titled Books Online needs some enhancement. In this post I had raised an issue to populate the "All caption" property of Analysis Services 2000 Dimension using DSO and C# as i could not find an answer in Books Online (BOL).

The solution:

Using just the MemberKeyColumn property solves the problem.

DSO.Level allLevelDepartment = (DSO.Level)dsoDimDepartment.Levels.AddNew("(All)", DSO.SubClassTypes.sbclsRegular);
allLevelDepartment.LevelType = DSO.LevelTypes.levAll;
allLevelDepartment.EstimatedSize = 1;
allLevelDepartment.MemberKeyColumn = "All Department";

This syntax of C# will be enough to populate the "All Caption" property of a Analysis Services 2000 Dimension using DSO.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

No way to treat Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly deserves much better respect than this. To be dropped from the third test is very unfair for a batsman of his caliber. On top of this, the selectors choosing Wasim Jaffer in place of him does not make any sense whatsoever. With all due respects to Jaffer, you never replace a middle-order batsman (Ganguly) with an opening batsman (Jaffer).
Ganguly's performance in the Delhi test was not bad by any standards. In both is innings of 40 and 39, he showed his experience, maturity and class. He was involved in the highest partnerships of both innings, with Tendulkar in the first and with Yuvraj Singh in the second. These partnerships gave the Indian batting the stability it required to win the test.
Its the dirty politics the board (BCCI) is playing. A Bengali has gone out (Dalmia) so remove a Bengali (Ganguly). A Mumbaikar is elected (Sharad Pawar) so select a Mumbaikar (Jaffar). Even though this selection does not make any sense, I guess we have nothing to do but make our point of view.

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Gavaskar vs Tendulkar

Often I have heard people comparing Gavaskar vs Tendulkar. This had become more as Tendulkar was chasing the 35th test century to surpass Gavaskar’s record. I feel that it is not fair to comparison. It feels as if letting Gavaskar's standard down. Gavaskar had faced the best bowling attack during the time he scored his 10122 runs. There were the invincible West Indian bowling attack, spearheaded by Marshall, Garner, Holding and on the other side of the world there were the likes of Thompson, Willes, Truman, Botham, Lillee, Hadlee, Imran. To score those runs against that formidable bowling attack is indeed exemplary. To be fair on Tendulkar, he too has faced a good bowing of McGrath, Warne, Murli but the main differentiating factor is that, wherever Gavaskar went he had a world class bowler to face.
Tendulkar is good but he is more of a liability than an asset. I would rather have Lara in my team than Tendulkar. Or if I get to choose my team after I have won the toss, then Tendulkar would come in easily. Tendulkar cannot bat under pressure. He will be on my team only if I (as a captain) decide to bat first.
Tendulkar has always played for his personal satisfaction and fame, rather than focusing on the team requirements. Of course his scores have been part of team's total runs but I never got the feeling that he held the importance of teams score higher than his personal score. This is evident from the fact that when the then stand-in captain Dravid declared when Tendulkar was batting on 194 he was frustrated but never made it public as the public had criticized enough. Even though India won the test, that test was more importantly know as the one where Tendulkar as not allowed to score six runs. Gavaskar held the 34 centuries world record for 22 years, I will wait and watch how long Tendulkar’s record will last.

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My Son Aadi

Our precious one is here to make our moment dear. After 13 hours of a very strenuous labour my wife, Anupama, gave birth to a baby boy on 22nd November 2005 at 6:53 am. We have named him Aadi.
He is definitely big for a new born as he weighed over 8 pounds. No wonder why my petite wife had to undergo the pain of bearing the big one.

Aadi means the beginning or the first one. Searching for the name also had been a sweet little exercise for us. There have been fights and quarrels just to get to the name Aadi. Fifteen days on Aadi’s routine is just eat-sleep-eat-sleep-shit-eat-sleep-eat-sleep-shit…..

The weight of the baby drops soon after he/she is born and later the baby picks up weight. Aadi weighed 3750 grams at brith. 4 days later while leaving the hospital he dropped to 3540 grams and now he is 3800 grams and growing.

Aadi was 11 days over due. The due date was 11th November 2005 and because Anupama’s hemoglobin count was very low at 8.4 (normal is 11.5 to 16) and 10 days on no regular contractions were occurring, she was advised to go on induced labour. Induced labour is more painful than normal labour and with the help of epidural we thought that it would have been okay. But there were other surprises in store for us. When Anu went on labour, around 1700 on 21st November, there were several other mothers who went on labour around that time. So there was a midwife crisis. All midwives were busy and Anu got the attention of the midwife around 2130 after suffering the initial pains for over 4 hours. This was the time when more pain was on its way. The midwife refused to give her the epidural as it required a midwife to be present all the time with her. Because all midwives were busy, she was administered pethadine. Pethadine is a pain killer that makes the pain tolerable. But believe me it was still as bad.

Finally all is well that ends well. I am now enjoying the joys for fatherhood. The sleepless nights are not as bad I thought it would be. I know for sure now that the greatest pleasure in the world is to have your baby sleep in your arms. All your tiredness disappears instantly when you see your child sleep peacefully.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Cricket Question

If a bowler's figure reads 0-0-1-1 (Overs-Maidens-Runs-Wickets)......what has happened??

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Who is out?

I have a question of cricket that I have been asking around and I have been getting mixed answers. My question is around a situation.

If a batsman hits the ball high up in the air just over the pitch, and the bowler thinking that he can catch it leaps backward with his body stretched backwards. The way the bowler leaps backwards, is bound to be a fall on the stumps on his back. He catches the ball whilst on the air and assuming that the bowler might hurt himself (by falling on the stumps) the non-stricker pushes the bowler (who is in the air still) and the bowler falls safely on the ground with the ball still in his hand. Who is out? The batsman or the non-stricker.

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Books Online needs some enhancement

The documentation in BOL is a pain when there is no direct solution or a description is apparent to the naked eye. The only way is the good old RnD way where you end up knowing more about other issues than the one you are interested in.
I am still an alien to the C# world and my only super guide is the BOL. This was one of those cases when I was looking for a solution to populate the "All caption" property of the Dimension with DSO and I ended up knowing loads more about DSO and its architecture.
The All level is not a physical level in a Shared Dimension in Analysis Services but is probably the most important level (if it exists) as far as the Shared Dimension is concerned. To have an All level in a Shared Dimension it is specified at the Dimension level and the All Caption by default will be the All concatenated with the dimension name. This can be changed at ant time but one has to make sure that no other levels in that dimension exist with the same name.
Simple when created in Analysis Services itself. But I spent almost 2 days to create this All Caption using DSO in C#. The problem was that I could not find the AllCaption property in the Dimension or the Level Interface. Also there was not documentation in the BOL for the same. So I entered into the RnD mode and found the solution. We have to use the MemberKeyColumn property of the level interface to create the All Caption. If the MemberNameColumn property is used then the compiler throws an exception. The fact is that I there are a lot of properties like this that when used in a certain way throw an exception and there are no documentation of this in the BOL.
As I am new to C# and relatively an infant in OOP, This was a nice experience.
Needless that I say.....no knowledge is a waste. One will find its use somewhere sometime......so keep learning.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Teen Patti - The Indian Poker

The Indian version of Poker called "Teen Patti" (Three Cards) is played with a standard 52-card deck, with an Ace being the highest-ranking card, followed by a King, Queen, Jack, 10......2. The Spades(s) ranks higher than hearts(h) followed by clubs(c), with the diamond(d) being the lowest. That is Ace of spades is the highest card and 2 of diamonds is the worst card that one can have.

This is, in principle, played with 3 cards but can also be played with many variations involving 1 to 6 cards. One can also use more than one pack of cards when playing with variations.

To begin, the game requires a minimum of 4 people. The dealer distributes 3 cards each and the players then bet based upon the cards they have received. All the players have the option to look at their hand before betting (playing Seen) or to leave their cards face down on the table (playing blind) or to pack (fold). Everyone place their stakes in the centre of the table before the betting commences and one has to bet the minimum amount that is equal to the stake amount.

As ABBA once rightly said...The winner takes it all.....

The Higher to Lower ranking of cards is as follows:

  1. Trio - Three cards of the same rank (or number). Three A's are the best and three 2's are the lowest in a Trio.
  2. Pure Sequence - Three consecutive cards of the same suit. A-K-Q is the highest followed by A-2-3 with 4-3-2 being the lowest. Again the suit plays quite a role here. The A-K-Q of spades is ranked higher than A-K-Q of hearts, followed by A-K-Q of clubs, followed by A-K-Q of diamonds. In other words in pure sequence A-K-Q of spades ranks the highest with 4-3-2 of diamonds being the lowest.
  3. Sequence - Three consecutive cards, not all of the same suit. A-K-Q is the best, then A-2-3, K-Q-J and so on till 4-3-2. If two people have the same cards then the highest card's suit is taken into consideration to decide the winner.
  4. Colour - Any three cards of the same suit. If there is tie then the player with the highest card is the winner. K-5-6 of any suit is higher than J-3-2 of any suit. However if two people have J-5-6 then the suit decides the winner. Eg: J-5-6 of hearts will beat J-5-6 of clubs.
  5. Double - Two cards of the same number or rank. K-K-9 is higher than Q-Q-A. If two players have the same pair the highest third card decides the winner, that is K-K-9 will beat K-K-8. If two people have the same cards, that is K-K-9 then the player having the K of spades is the winner.
  6. Highest - Three cards that do not belong to any of the above types. The best hand of this type is A-K-J of mixed suits, and the worst is 5-3-2.

In the nut shell As-Ah-Ac is the highest and 5c-3d-2d is the lowest.

I will explain about the other variations in Teen Patti soon.

Enjoy playing.

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